The Call

November 2016

My Purpose

Life’s essence

I seek to find my place here

Where to write my story

that I was here

A story that will transcend mortality

A story that will continue even in eternity

Will I ever leave a footprint in the sand of time?

Will I not be swallowed by storms that rages in the many waters of life?

My heart is heavy, my eyes are weary and my soul is burdened

May the soft wind from the east calm my disturbed soul

May my creator never leave me even in the darkest pit though He’s light

May I, at the end laugh with the celestial

And sing with Angels in golden robe

I will not close my ears

It’s the Call of Purpose


Chronicles of Bachelor 1

I love you, you know I do right?

Now and forever, till the sun rise no more

Ever blazing, like the torch of the earth. Ever true like the fountain that never sleeps

Never fading, like the grace in in the dawn of the morning

Let the smoke from this dying ember bear the tale of our love to the ends of the earth

The fourth wind whispers the rhymes of what we share

My thoughts are as scattered as trees in the desert

No pattern , no rhythms, but true.

Joy from Within

On the journey towards a fulfilled life, we were told happiness is essential and its a significant tool to measure success.

We were told if you feel happiness, then you must be successful in whatever you’re doing, things must be working right for you and you must have gotten it all figured out.

So we chase after happiness in a never ending race, we made paramount goals and attainment, we neglect and sacrifice everything for happiness. If we fail in any area of our life its affect our happiness level because we’ve been made it believe both goes hand-in-hand.

Happiness they say depends on happenings, though often we use happiness and joy interchangeably which is a fallacy of this dispensation, they’re really not the same.

We tie our joy to external factors and our current situations. We breakdown when things aren’t going the way we planned and this sadness leads to depression.

Joy is transcends emotions, it’s not dependant on what happens around you, it’s a force that resides within you, more like a river that sits inside of us, we only need to draw from it.

Where ever you are, whatever situation you are going through your life right now, you can choose to be joyful, you can choose to act different from hour current situation.

Joy opens your heart to new possibilities, it makes you want to keep living, it gives an enthusiasm that gives you new strength to keep going.

Reach out to your inner self and awaken the joy within you, and live again!


Dear Heavenly Father,
We have come with our knees bowed in your presence
We ask for strength in our struggles
Balm on our bruises

Our heart ache from a hurt beyond the eyes
Our heart silently weep for weaknesses deep in our skin

Our palms sweat when we consider the task ahead and how ready we are
We lean absolutely on you

We draw only from you
Though the world think we have it figured out but deep within, we seek guidance

Father, please show us the light before this darkness consumes us

Help us to victory before this struggle destroys us

Help us to love before our heart drowns in this pool of hatred

Never let go of us even when every one gives up

Lots of voices echoing through our ears but may we identify yours

May our windy days come to still

May our scary night pass away

May we truly smile again

Give us strength to love again


You are starring
In an empty platform
In a deserted station
In the middle of the night
Waiting for a train that isn’t coming

You are waiting
In the street corner
On an empty chair
In the middle of the cold night
Waiting for a lover that will never come

You’re running faster than the wind
On waters as vast as the ocean
With no destination in mind
Your knees grow weary but you won’t stop running
Chasing the wind that leads to nowhere

You are dreaming
Dreaming of the most beautiful things
With imaginations as good as reality herself
But your eyes are still shut
You dreams are so real that you wish never to wake

As far as the sky strands and the heavens live
As long as the sun burns and stars shine
For if the wind still blows and the river flows
Night season will never cease to come

Dare To Be Different

To the resilient human spirit buried under centuries of oppression and inhumane treatment screaming for freedom to express it’s true potential, I  write:
We’ve been fed lies over time, lies that have reduced us to living beyond our true ability, lies that have brought to the lowest valley our lofty dreams.


We we’re told there are rules guiding the game of life and that there’s a limit one could go.

The truth is,  the desire and passion for personal freedom is buried in the spirit and heart of each human.  There is no limitation to how far or how high you can go.

If you will be exceptional in life you need to discover how to unlearn things you have been thought and create the life you want.

Many of us want to fit in and live our lives inside the walls our background and people around us built in our heads, but I know we’ve all got a yearning for greatness.

Nothing in the world is worse than someone who doesn’t understand what he possesses.

We live our lives lacking the in dept of our true abilities,  we live our

based on what people before us passed to us and every time we try to fit in to what we call Norm deep inside us frustration sets in but we are too weak to stand alone and live our dreams.

We we’re told their a rules guiding the game of life and their is a speed limit and how far one could go.

They told us not to dare do things differently cos we might receive a different outcome, fear is what we’ve learnt from generations before us.

We need to rewire our manipulated minds and unlearn what we we’re taught,  until then, we are not living our lives rather we are living for them.

The time is here, you are born to discover grounds and explore the Earth, birthed for greatness the world is yet to see.

You are unique and posses distinct abilities, you have a place set aside for you from the beginning of Times, so stop following the crowds.

You Attract What You Think 2

As a Man thinks in his heart, so he is.

These are the words of the wisest and the richest King in the ancient world, your thought create you.
The most important lesson you will ever learn, is perhaps the discovery that your dominant thoughts control your dominant direction in life. Every single consistent thought you think have a tendency of physical manifestation.
Have you at some point in your life been in bad mood and the rest of your day was ruin with loads of bad events? Have you felt good and corresponding occurrences we’re good? That’s no coincidence.

There is a relationship between what you think and what you experience. Whatever thought your mind dwell on, your subconscious mind goes yo work to create it in your experience.

Like a radio station tower, human being are vibrational transmitter and receiver. In every moment,we broadcast a very specific vibrational signal that is instantly being understood and answered and instantly your present and future circumstances begin to change in response to the signal you project.
When you are feeling really good and everything is working out in your life,good things comes to you easily and you are in flow with everyone, but when you release negative vibrations you tend to attract negative circumstances like meeting a wrong a person, misplacing valuables and so on, thing seem not to be working out well in your life.


You might also have discovered Stagnacy in certain areas of your life, here is the reason.
It has been discovered that an average person thinks some 50-60,000 thoughts each day, but the problem is that 99.99% of those thoughts are leftover thoughts from the day before. Most times we discover we are thinking exactly the same worn out ideas and beliefs and we consistently dwell on the same worried, guilts and fears.
This attitude limit our capability to move forward and drain our capacity for new innovative and creative ideas. If only we let go of these rigid ideologies that we receive from our environment and background,  then our mind will be opened the new ideas, opportunities and new dreams.

To breakthrough negative mindset, you start by changing your thoughts and perception about yourself and life as a whole. Remember,  what you allow yourself to think about will control your life. Your thoughts and perception has shaped your life from childhood to wherever you are right now, you are solely responsible for whonyou are.
Your external world will always be a reflection of the words, pictures and images that flows through your mind. Poor people dream of our to get out of poverty thereby concentrating on fighting it while the rich ones only cast their mind on becoming richer. What these two class set their mind to in turn creates their reality, circumstances that befall the poor gives them enables the to fight the more while the circumstances that happens to the rich makes them richer.
What you think, you attract.  If your mind is set on having a pass mark in every exams you write or being an average staff, you are in serious trouble cos the universe will attract circumstances that will make you strife to be average in that field, I’m sure you’ve know what I’m talking about.

Continually remind yourself what you want and want to do. Never focus on what you don’t want where you don’t want to be, don’t focus on the opposite if a positive idea.


I’m sure you now know that what you think creates your reality, you may be wondering “how then do I control my thoughts?” It’s simple.
All you have to do is guide your thoughts to where you feel would be your highest advantage. Mark Victor and Wayne Dyer have a four letter word they say when a negative thought enters into their awareness. It’s simply four letter words NEXT.
Remind yourself that your desire must be in complete alignment with your belief and dreams. You don’t  have to wallow in worries and thoughts of failure, know what you want,  forget what you don’t want, set your mind to that wilhich you want and consciously work towards it.

When you don’t this , you begin to release positive vibrations and attract positive frequencies into your life and things start prepositioning you towards the fulfillment of your life destiny.
Read books that will set you on the path to fulfill your dreams, change people you give your listening time to for mind consciously feed on what goes in through your ears. Surround yourself with things that will help you and the universe will work in your favour.
Do without that mindset of survival, if you don’t want to end up struggling to survive. You attract what you think.

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