Joy from Within

On the journey towards a fulfilled life, we were told happiness is essential and its a significant tool to measure success. We were told if you feel happiness, then you must be successful in whatever you're doing, things must be working right for you and you must have gotten it all figured out. So we... Continue Reading →


Dear Heavenly Father, We have come with our knees bowed in your presence We ask for strength in our struggles Balm on our bruises Our heart ache from a hurt beyond the eyes Our heart silently weep for weaknesses deep in our skin Our palms sweat when we consider the task ahead and how ready... Continue Reading →


You are starring In an empty platform In a deserted station In the middle of the night Waiting for a train that isn't coming You are waiting In the street corner On an empty chair In the middle of the cold night Waiting for a lover that will never come You're running faster than the... Continue Reading →

Dare To Be Different

To the resilient human spirit buried under centuries of oppression and inhumane treatment screaming for freedom to express it's true potential, I  write: We've been fed lies over time, lies that have reduced us to living beyond our true ability, lies that have brought to the lowest valley our lofty dreams. We we're told there... Continue Reading →

You Attract What You Think 2

As a Man thinks in his heart, so he is. These are the words of the wisest and the richest King in the ancient world, your thought create you. The most important lesson you will ever learn, is perhaps the discovery that your dominant thoughts control your dominant direction in life. Every single consistent thought... Continue Reading →

You Attract What You Think

You are a human magnet, everything that goes on in your life is the external picture of what goes on within. Remember this, whatever you desire is moving toward you right now, just as you are moving toward it. Every events, circumstances, experiences etc have their origin in ourselves. For what you set your mind... Continue Reading →

Dream Big

You got the eggs in you; the world is fully ready to celebrate the chicks out of your laying labour. Never give up. Go and breed! Go and breed great dreams. It is often said that our thought will determine who we are, if we are afraid to dream wide, we might end up struggling... Continue Reading →

Grace: Another Opportunity

During the early days of the civil war a Union soldier was arrested on charges of desertion.  Unable to prove  his innocence, he was condemned and sentenced to die a deserter's death. His appeal found its way to the desk of Abraham Lincoln. The president felt mercy for the soldier and signed a pardon. The... Continue Reading →

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