Adversities, make or mar?

Adversity is the grindstone of life. Intended to polish you up ,
adversity also has the ability to grind you down. The impact
and ultimate result depend on what you do with the
difficulties that come your way . Consider the phenomenal
achievements of people experiencing adversity.
Beethoven composed his greatest works after becoming deaf .
Sir Walter Raleigh wrote the History of the World during a
thirteen year imprisonment . If Columbus had turned back ,
no one could have blamed him , considering the constant
adversity he endured. Of course, no one would have
remembered him either. Abraham Lincoln achieved
greatness by his display of wisdom and character during the
devastation of the Civil War . Luther translated the Bible
while enduring confinement in the Castle of Wartburg .
Under a sentence of death and during twenty years in exile ,
Dante wrote the Divine Comedy . John Bunyan wrote
Pilgrim’s Progress in a Bedford jail.
Finally, consider a more recent example . Mary Groda -Lewis
endured sixteen years of illiteracy because of unrecognized
dyslexia, was committed to a reformatory on two different
occasions, and almost died of a stroke while bearing a child.
Committed to going to college , she worked at a variety of odd
jobs to save money, graduated with her high school
equivalency at eighteen, was named Oregon ‘s outstanding
Upward Bound student , and finally entered college.
Determined to become a doctor , she faced fifteen medical
school rejections until Albany Medical College finally
accepted her. In 1984 , Dr. Mary Groda- Lewis , at thirty -five,
graduated with honors to fulfill her dream .
Adversity – the grindstone of life. Will it grind you down or
polish you up ?


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