Time to think…………read, comment and share

Henry Ford hired an efficiency expert to go through his
plant. He said, ” Find the nonproductive people . Tell me who
they are, and I will fire them!”
The expert made the rounds with his clipboard in hand and
finally returned to Henry Ford ‘s office with his report . ” I’ve
found a problem with one of your administrators, ” he said.
“Every time I walked by , he was sitting with his feet
propped up on the desk .

The man never does a thing. I
definitely think you should consider getting rid of him!”
When Henry Ford learned the name of the man the expert
was referring to , Ford shook his head and said , ” I can’t fire
him. I pay that man to do nothing but think – and that’ s
what he ‘s doing. ”
We all have to think big and think wide, have a clear vision before you venture in to anything and set realistic goal.

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