#phobia of unknown( fear of the unknown)

I have always wanted to discuss about something that will lift peoples soul and make them happy, then I realised one lurks inside of us even behind those gracious smile and no matter how will fight it, we doesn’t seem to win the fight against it from time immemorial and that one thing is #fear or rather call it phobia

If you don’t fear death you will fear taking risk….. and it goes on like that. Here are few type of phobias…
Achluophobia – fear of darkness
Acrophobia – fear of heights
Agoraphobia, agoraphobia without history of panic disorder – fear
of places or events where escape is impossible or when help is
unavailable. Fear of open spaces or of being in public places. Fear
of leaving a safe place
Agraphobia – fear of sexual abuse
Agrizoophobia – fear of wild animals
Agyrophobia – fear of crossing the road
Aichmophobia – fear of sharp or pointed objects (such as a
needle or knife )
Ailurophobia – fear of cats
Algophobia – fear of pain
Amychophobia – fear of being scratched
Androphobia – fear of men
Anthophobia – fear of flowers
Anthropophobia – fear of people or the company of people, a form
of social phobia
Aquaphobia – fear of water . Distinct from hydrophobia , a
scientific property that makes chemicals averse to interaction with
water, as well as an archaic name for rabies
Arachnophobia – fear of spiders
Astraphobia – fear of thunder and lightning
Atychiphobia – fear of failure

  But then there is one fear that swallows all other fears,-H.P Lovecraft said
    “ The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear,
and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the
unknown. This as been a force human being has to reckon right from the fall of man.

The unknown can represent many things. To some, it’s not being sure
of what we will encounter. I could remember when I was about to resume for a new job, I was scared but then I replaced my fear with Curiosity“,To some, the unknown triggers our fear of
not being in control. For others, lack of confidence in our abilities and
resources can surface when confronted with the unknown.

I have come to underderstand that this type of fear( unknown) actually reveal an hidden instinct and potential when we replace such fear with “CURIOSITY”. if you don’t unerstand here are two tips on how to overcome that  phobia
1.)  See you task a small thing (don’t see it as a great sea)
___ rather than seeing you fear as a gaint task, break it down into small pieces that can be easily accomplished. Sharring my personal experience, we are about to organise a program in my church then and I was in charge of raising fund. I had. To apply a principle from “Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do! Robert H. Schuller
Which works like this……
We needed 40,000
40,000— 1 person
20,000—2 people
10,000—4 people, and so on till we realised we can actually fund the program ourselves.
See, that’s what I’m actually saying, break down that fear and make it look easy, by doing this you will realise there is nothing to be afraid of.

2.) Be ready for it
___ don’t confront you fear without you being “prepared”. What I am saying is, yes you having broken it down and made it look simple but then you have to prepare real hard to fight

against it. Soldiers do not wait until they are in battle to learn to shoot a
gun; the same applies to us. Look ahead and start preparing for your
next challenge before it hits you in the face.

According to Ashim Shanker,
“ It seemed a ruse that fear of death should be the sole
motivation for living and, yet, to quell this fear made
the prospect of living itself seem all the more absurd;
to extend this further, the notion of living one’s life
for the purposes of pondering the absurdity of living
was an even greater absurdity in and of itself, which
thus, by reductio ad absurdum, rendered the fear of
death a necessary function of life and any lack
thereof, a trifling matter rooted in self-inflicted
The right approach to our fear might lead to the revealing of great potentials in us that will enhance us to forge ahead. Don’t under estimate your ability, because when you do, the #fear of failing set in…..
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