Directon, how or where???

Many of us are ignorant of what to do?, who we are? Or what we are made for. Talking about“Direction”, it is the path or course of a given movement, when we hear “direction” one thing comes into our mind “wherebut then have we ever related “direction” to “how” since we’ve arrived on earth?
   I have soon realised that many of us are unfortunately ignorant of our purpose on Earth and for some that have, they have lost the sense of direction toward fulfilling that purpose. If you haven’t discover the purpose why you exist this article is not for you. You can read on how to discover you purpose through my previous article why am i here??
The how to go about it is what I’m sharring with today, “of course I know why God created me” “I know the purpose of my existence” but “I don’t know how to get there”

The question of “how to fulfill our God given puropse” became a huge/unachievable task to youth this day, the most unfortunate situation is “I have tried several measures but all was to no avail” and the I gave up” how sad!
Have you lost that sense of direction on your way to being what your creator intended you to be? Or have you been tagged “failure” on your pursiut towards fulfilling your dream?
  Listen carefully, nobody can ever fulfill that purpose for you, it is yours and it is your responsibility. You must decide for yourself what is worthy of your pursuit. No one else
Should make decision on your behalf. You may receive counsel from others, but you should
make the decision; otherwise you will be unfulfilled in your pursuit. There
are countless stories of men who achieved great success yet remained
unfulfilled because they were living another person’s dream.

If you died unfullfilled, I’m sorry to say this “you might be the most unfortunate human that ever existed”. Don’t get it twisted here, being wealthy and famous doesn’t mean you are


fulfilled, you will be fulfilled only if you BE who your Creator intend you to BE.

Purpose is beautiful and Sacred when discovered, I will leave you to this , think on these things…
Onawale Stephen…….@stephentobiloba

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