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The Mind Battle. Part one

“Our life is what our thoughts make it.” – Marcus Aurelius


The mind of a man is the greatest battle field in his ourney through life, the ability to win the mind battle is the greatest power he can ever posses.
The war of the right against the wrong is a battle that started since the fall of man in the garden of Eden. Since then man has been left to battle with a force stronger than himself.

I believe most of us have been and  are passing through things that fight against our soul, rather we tend to belive all we are passing through has nothing to do with our mind but only physical challenges(financial breakdown, education failure and the likes), due to that we directed all our weaponry to the wrong enemy neglecting the real enemy.

As a man thinketh in is heart so he is, says the bible. The way you percieve yourself will amount to how what he is. What I’m saying is if you believe you are designed to live average, I’m afraid you will struggle to meet up with the average you think you are made for.

“Aim for the stars, and if you fall you land in the cloud”. That’s the way it is, the creator has not forged us to live below………………………..@stephentobiloba

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