HOUSE OF HUNGER: Episode 1 ( Onawale femi Simeon)

Under the Acacia tree are big bellies of different sizes That which is well rounded and formed like a cat’s cheek and can adequately contain a new born baby.

And that which looks like that of a pregnant well-fed cow and can contain a small hut.

There noisy laughter ever-more fills the air making their bellies vibrate with much energy and negligence While the house-flies buzz around the spilled liquor- like a group of choirs singing Beethoven ‘hallelujah”.

It never always takes long to realize: though their purses are heavy and the abundance thereof can knock consciousness out of a man, they are much poor of wisdom and folly follows there footstep.

There drunkenness always comes with much laughter making the thick veins of their well-shaven head and fat-compressed neck dangling and too-obvious.

Playing Ayo game with much noise and enthusiasm and then at almost evening.
Wives of some other and ladies that would-still and could-have become young men’s wives would flock around the beast-looking old men.

There calloused hand will start to toy with the young ladies’ breast, sitting on their laps and their several inches thick lips sucking the ladies’ lips.

Splattering and replacing the ladies glossy lips with their dog-like smelly saliva and we there errand boys will sat down slowly sipping the bottle passed down to us.

The roasted meat much on their table, waiting for the time they are well drunk before we could attempt any trick less we fall prey to the wicked brutality much in their hand.

Composed by Onawale femi Simeon

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