How well do you know YOU: SELF-DISCOVERY

I was in my room thinking on what to share with my readers, when i realized most people have inadequate knowledge of who they are and how limitless they could be.

I will share with us four (4) steps which will aid self-discovery. I want you to give this few steps a trial and thank me later.

(1) Get to Know Your Personality
Understanding your own personality is the first key. No doubt you have the collective opinion of others which is one aspect.

You also have your own database of information about what your personality is really like, and who you are in your private moments as well as in your public ones.

The idea is to get to know your personality inside out, to know what you are and what you are not like. Understand what makes you react a certain way in life’s innumerable situations. Ask yourself “Why did I do that?” and answer it. It sound stupid isn’t it?

Who are you behind your name? What are your characteristic traits? Who are
you among friends? What about strangers? What persona/character do you portray to the outside world?

What are you really like on a good day as well as a bad day, in face of a challenge or a great reward? How do you react to the world around you?

(2) Know Your Core Values


Your core values are the ethics and the principles you hold dear to your heart, state seven core values of yours.

You probably have more values, but the top seven play the big roles in decision-making, influencing, conflict-resolution, communication, and living your day-to-day life.

In your work, in your studies, in your home, in all aspects of your life, which values can you never compromise? Those are your core values.

Is it honesty, integrity, security or discipline? Is it dedication to others wisdom and learning, financial comfort or fun? Do you value loyalty above excellence, responsibility above ambition, or innovation above improvement? Identify your core values

(3) Get to Know your Dreams


Your dreams and hopes create the pathway into your future. They help you build the life you can be proud of living.

Your dreams matter. Your dreams are important. Your dreams are worth going after. Don’t settle for anything less.

And start getting to know your dreams well. Get to be specific in your goals and aims.

If you want to become a musician, ask yourself: What instruments do you want to play? What level of competency do you want to learn? How big a part of your life would it be? And on and on until you know everything about your dream.

Make your dreams part of your daily pursuits. Take them seriously. Work at them. Proclaim them instead of hiding them and being ashamed of them.

(4) Identify your Likes and Dislikes


What do you like and just as important, what do you dislike? Simple, innocent question but knowing this about yourself gives you a lot of confidence into who you are. A lot of people go through life liking what’s popular and disliking what’s not “cool”. Don’t do that.

Take the time to define your likes and dislikes, and don’t put it up for a vote among family and friends. You decide.

Defining your own likes and especially dislikes require boldness. If you keep doing frustrates you and neglect what brings you joy, you give up part of who you are. It’s the least likely path to any happiness whatsoever.

Stay true to your likes and dislikes. Nobody has to like them but you!

Getting to know yourself allows you to tap into the well of happiness beyond your imagination. Bliss even on cloudy days.

Stop waiting, do it now and thank me later. Discover who you are today!!!

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