As a Revolutionized breed of Homo-sapiens

Common sense is my creed

And as one who’s tongue knows the taste of Solomon’s bread

I simulate the battle-grieved messenger from Judah

I know of two men

The man who hid on the balcony to film the brutality of the soldiers at Cambodia

To propagate the loathsomeness of man against man

To relate to the world, stories the never would have broken free from the chains of ignorance

Ended up in prison and justice denied

He refuses to bow to fear

I know of another


The man who sees nothing of men but a tool

A tool to be used to manipulate his way up

To influence the shallow mind of men for egocentric self interest

It was upon this realization Napoleon Barte says

“Men are moved by only two levers Fear and Self-interest”

The journalist who has no fear

And te politictian with his egocentricity to influence and distort men’s mind to dominate

Journalism is a crystal clear water, that springs out an inner expression to flow forth

Politics is a impression on the people not minding their expression

Politics tend to make a slave of Journalism

But No! These two are parallel lines drawn for different purpose

Let not juxtapose, this two let not placr a petrol and a fire

For these two are two mountains that stands seperately

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