Gone are the good old days when i was a lot younger I used to dream of a better Nation, a nation free from the addiction of corruption and oppression from government. As years pass, i soon realize the state of the Nation is not getting any better in contrast to my dream.

“Naija go better!” as soon turn a traditional song which is passed from one generation to the other, and i asked myself when?

Considering the corruption that lies in the heart of our Nation and how our leaders and citizens has brought the Nation to a state of dilapidation.


The truth remains, if we continue this way, Nigeria will never attain the height we wished. Why don’t we quit condemnation since it’s not helping and take up a just cause towards being better citizens of Nigeria? Let us reflect on our past, where we are coming from, not forgetting where we currently are and asking ourselves, if we continue like this where we are headed to?

Adding from Late Prof. Chinua Achebe’s identification of Nigeria’s problem (the failure of leadership), Nigeria suffer “discipline” problem as much as they do leadership problem.

Nigeria was born out of extra-ordinary circumstances and so, needs an extra-ordinary measure (discipline) to reclaim our glory as a people and as a united entity. Our leaders take oaths to preserve and protect the constitution as well as the Nigerian people but none of them Uphold this oath.

Our Nation is blessed and not cursed; let the citizens of this great Nation use each day to affirm their commitment to the change we crave for.
The future of this Nation lies in our hands. Let us hold our future into our hands and be united in voice. History will remember this generation’s action either good or bad!
Start now, start with yourself and rise above all odds
God bless Nigeria

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