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The Father’s Will

When you laugh, Laugh out loud, who knows that may be your last
When you smile, smile with grace
Who knows, you may not have that opportunity again
When you weep, cry till your eyes run dry
It may truly be your last

When you eat, eat moderately
For it is all vanity and you don’t want to have issues with your health

When it rains, don’t use an umbrella
You may never have the chance to experience downpour of heavenly bliss anymore

When the sun is high, don’t struggle with it neither should you frown at it
Enjoy it because you won’t be here forever

When your flesh bleed, enjoy the feeling of pain a while
For it reminds you of your existence

When darkness fall upon you, be thankful for you are sure light will arrive soon

When you wake to the dawn of a new day, be thankful
Because you have a whole lot more years to spend six feet beneath the ground

When you are sad, be happy because you still have a heart that functions

When you Love, love with your heart, for it’s the Father’s Will

When you are faced with Death, embrace it because its an horizon and a door to a better world…

Finally,Love the Lord your God and your neighbours, for this is the Father’s Will

Stephen’s Journal

(rămâne binecuvântat)

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