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Regret: My forgotten friend

My heart grieve for the loss of a soul mate, a dear friend I’ve kept close to my heart since I received the result of my first SSCE examination.
My lone soul didn’t want to have you stripped away from me, for with only with you can I journey on the road that leads to my Yesterday.

You though me how to grieve
And showed me the journey to my future is not worth it.
You told me my yesterday is the only manual to live my today.
After a while, you brought in a new friend called “Emptiness” into the bosom of my heart.
You told me he would guide me to his elder one “Sorrow”
I have over the years lived in sadness with this Madness
But with a revelation that came to me through “The Bible” and few other books made my friend slipped into a coma.

I begged that will not loose his life but my supplications were to no avail as message came to me that my long dear friend has gone to the world beyond.
The happiness I’ve kept in the cage of my heart burst forth and filled my life
I couldn’t keep up with the enthusiasm that filled every corner of me for he run swift like the shadows of the whirlwind

Everlasting joy I knew not before became my comfort
I made new friends and my eyes were opened to new possibilities as I quit the journey to my yesterday and followed the path to my beautiful future.

Faith told me loads of things are waiting for me at the end of the dark tunnel and if I believe and never give up, I will launch into the fullness of wonders.

From that time, I’ve been filled with hope
A feeling that has transcend me into the presence of my creator, It was then I realize my former friend never had the chance to be with Him.

He said “your friend’s place is in the Hades, where he was made”
I thank my stars I’d lost him, for there is nothing to compare this glory and happiness to
At last I knew true freedom and never again will I ply the Road to My Yesterday…….
OST’s Journal


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