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Its three in the morning
My room-mate is snoring
I can’t sleep, my eyes are wide open
My heartbeats to the paths I have chosen.

Everyday its a smile on my face
But deep in my heart, I’m cut to the chase
You can hear me speak fluently
But my heart beats abnormally

I try to force sleep
But my worries are heavy to keep
I’ve been strong for too long
I’ve been strong for everyone

I used to know how to love
Now I feel nothing at all
My dreams and hopes are burnt to the floor
My destiny, I cannot ignore

No one to feel the same way
No one to totally brighten my day
No one to tell me its okay
Or give me a hand when I sway

No shoulders to cry on but now, I don’t mind
So tonight, I am going to stay up all night to CRY.

I can’t remember when I did that last
Its a gift of nature, so I’ll use it right now
I’ll let my tears flow to ease my heart
I’ll wipe away the sadness that Is tearing me apart

Silently, I’ll gently weep.
So I’ll later fall asleep
And let the angels watch me sleep

So tomorrow, I’ll wake up gay
With a smile on my face to start a new day
I’ll lock my flaws all away
And be strong for everyone again.

If it gets hard, I’ll wake up from sleep
Pray and gently weep
It’s okay to cry while I am alive
‘Cause it would be gone when I eventually die.

Okunlola Zainab


Okunola Zainab Oluwaseun  is a fine poet and a unique writer with a twisted mind.  A student from the Ladoke Akintola University, Nigeria. She is also working on her latest book.

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