Little brother



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When he told me he was TIRED, I told him to RE-FIRE

He told me he was TOO YOUNG TO; I told him he was OLD ENOUGH TO

He told me his hoe was spoilt, I told him his hand will do

He told me he was FED UP,I told him to re-fill

He told me he can’t WALK, told him to RUN

He told me he was wounded I told him success has always- a scar

He told me the load was too HEAVY, I told him he must BEAR it

He told me he would retreat, I told him to RE- STRATEGIES

He told me life was bitter, I told him success is like bitter leave and that is always the fore-taste

He told me there is NO WAY,I told him to CREATE A WAY.

He ask me will you help me? I told him no, he must help himself

He told me he needs WATER,I told him he needs VINE-GAR

He ask me if this was possible, I asked him why have we come?

He told me he can’t HOLD ON, i told him he must HANG ON

He told me his hands are too tiny, I told him they’ll do just fine

He told me he was dying; I told me he will be raised again

He ask me do I love him, I told him more than I love any other

He asks me when will these end? I told him when the night comes

And then he ask me what this all is, I told him it is LIFE

And in the end. I saw him amidst glory and celestial light.

He told me brother, have conquered

He screamed “I WON!!!!!!!!!

IMG-20151221-00642Onawale Femi

Onawale Femi is a prolific Nigerian writer and Poet, he his also a publisher at


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