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SON of Darkness were: We once were in search of Light

War begat Peace
Birth (life) begat Death
Sound health becomes essential when sickness sets in
Resolution becomes important in the middle of conflict

Happiness becomes a treasure in the valley of sorrow

Freedom yearned for, in bondage

Light is seek, in the midst of thick darkness

Success essential, when we stumble and fail

Focus required when a goal is set

Purpose searched when conscious of existence

Love becomes quintessential to quench hatred

Life is in twos, it has ever been since the creation of earth

And will continue to even after Earth seize to 
My heart want to do that which is good but darkness keeps pulling me closer

I find it hard to choose to walk in the path of Light, for darkness first owned my soul

I was born with a heart dedicated to darkness from my beginning

I fed my soul with evil as I grow

Wickedness became my companion in my youth
But sorrow ruled when I became aged

I have since yearned to be free from this Hell-bound madness

He told me wealth will quench my hunger; I seek and got it beyond comprehension, the vacuum remains

He told me to acquire Power ; I searched and got power the fullest, even to heart of evil itself but my soul still need something
All he told me to get, I got

What my heart longed for, I knew not but I felt emptiness

Who shall comfort my soul, from where shall I find peace
For a battle goes on in the inside of me, and soon the war will be over and I will be laid to rest in eternal darkness
Where does Hope live?

Tell me where to find light, I bid you!

Show me the path to true freedom, for my spirit is bound

As I laid in my anguish, overwhelmed with sorrow

I heard a whisper in my inner ears, he said “FiNd lOvE, FoR that’s thE oNly Path tO TRuE freEDoM!”
That was it!!!!
Love breaks yoke, sets free and brings inner peace and serenity even in the midst of a whirlwind
Now, my soul will knows true freedom, for I have made LoVe my soul mate……
#StephenJournal #aristokratos 


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