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Give and Walk Away

Jarod Kintz  said in “This Book is Not FOR SALE” that
When you give everything and
expect nothing in return, only then
will you be in a position to gain
anything. When you love loving,
you give because giving is getting.
Giving is a gift unto itself, and when
you realize this you understand that
you can’t network if you can’t love.
I’m not sure why I’m emphasising so much on this particular topic “unconditional love” these present times.

I believe there is a wrong mindset that’s being passed from generations based on the fast changes that have over the years occurred here on Earth, which is “nothing comes free”


Its so unfortunate that whenever I witness a true act of giving, I get thrilled because I don’t get to see that everyday.

I didn’t write this to tutor you on how things have grown worse, rather I’m telling you to find a place in your heart where you can give without the expectation of a “return”, where you can be truly free. A place where your heart will know what true happiness mean.
Learn to give and never expect

Happiness doesn’t result from what
we get, but from what we give.
– Ben Carson


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