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The Right Positioning

Hello  beautiful,
Like a child ignorantly playing with a sharp blade, intrigued by the neatly carved silver stainless devoid of the damage it’s capable of, the Mother comes and harvest the blade from the poor child while the child burst into ceaseless tears.


As a child, we ignorantly make decisions that are damaging to our future, and few times you see God in different ways  telling you to desist from that path but we often ignore His warnings. The Bible said “There is a way that seemed right in the eyes of a man, but the end thereof are ways of death ”

Out of love, God could get us out of that wring path we have decided to ply in order to redirect our steps in the light of fulfilling our life purpose.

I have seen Men(women alike) frustrated with their life, as every day goes by they wished they had not made some decisions that lead them here.
I wish to encourage you that have lost something and you think you may never recover from the loss, to you that has been forced to leave your job, career or relationship. Fear not, His thoughts towards you are thoughts of good and not of evil, to give you an expected ending.

Open wide your heart,  for He is ready to lead you a guide your way.
Be patient and stay connected as you grow into the person you we’re made to be, grow in the light of His grace daily. For grace has brought me this far, I know grace will lead me home……..

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