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You Attract What You Think

You are a human magnet, everything that goes on in your life is the external picture of what goes on within.
Remember this, whatever you desire is moving toward you right now, just as you are moving toward it.

Every events, circumstances, experiences etc have their origin in ourselves. For what you set your mind to, you attract into your life. Guard your heart with all diligence.


Wherever you are currently in your life , what ever your current reality is at some point in your past, by your behavior and thought, you made a decision to be here.

There are no accident in life in contrary to the belief of many. Realize that everything that befalls you, good or bad, is an outcome of some actions in the past however distant.

Your outer world is a mirror image reflection of your inner world. What’s going on on the outside is a manifestation of your inner world.


What goes on inside you, the thoughts you think about and what intrigues you reveal what you will attract into your life and where your life is headed because you are a human magnet.
Special thanks to Richard Carswell (The Law of Attraction )

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