Dear Heavenly Father,
We have come with our knees bowed in your presence
We ask for strength in our struggles
Balm on our bruises

Our heart ache from a hurt beyond the eyes
Our heart silently weep for weaknesses deep in our skin

Our palms sweat when we consider the task ahead and how ready we are
We lean absolutely on you

We draw only from you
Though the world think we have it figured out but deep within, we seek guidance

Father, please show us the light before this darkness consumes us

Help us to victory before this struggle destroys us

Help us to love before our heart drowns in this pool of hatred

Never let go of us even when every one gives up

Lots of voices echoing through our ears but may we identify yours

May our windy days come to still

May our scary night pass away

May we truly smile again

Give us strength to love again


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