Joy from Within

On the journey towards a fulfilled life, we were told happiness is essential and its a significant tool to measure success.

We were told if you feel happiness, then you must be successful in whatever you’re doing, things must be working right for you and you must have gotten it all figured out.

So we chase after happiness in a never ending race, we made paramount goals and attainment, we neglect and sacrifice everything for happiness. If we fail in any area of our life its affect our happiness level because we’ve been made it believe both goes hand-in-hand.

Happiness they say depends on happenings, though often we use happiness and joy interchangeably which is a fallacy of this dispensation, they’re really not the same.

We tie our joy to external factors and our current situations. We breakdown when things aren’t going the way we planned and this sadness leads to depression.

Joy is transcends emotions, it’s not dependant on what happens around you, it’s a force that resides within you, more like a river that sits inside of us, we only need to draw from it.

Where ever you are, whatever situation you are going through your life right now, you can choose to be joyful, you can choose to act different from hour current situation.

Joy opens your heart to new possibilities, it makes you want to keep living, it gives an enthusiasm that gives you new strength to keep going.

Reach out to your inner self and awaken the joy within you, and live again!

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