Dare To Be Different

To the resilient human spirit buried under centuries of oppression and inhumane treatment screaming for freedom to express it’s true potential, I  write:
We’ve been fed lies over time, lies that have reduced us to living beyond our true ability, lies that have brought to the lowest valley our lofty dreams.


We we’re told there are rules guiding the game of life and that there’s a limit one could go.

The truth is,  the desire and passion for personal freedom is buried in the spirit and heart of each human.  There is no limitation to how far or how high you can go.

If you will be exceptional in life you need to discover how to unlearn things you have been thought and create the life you want.

Many of us want to fit in and live our lives inside the walls our background and people around us built in our heads, but I know we’ve all got a yearning for greatness.

Nothing in the world is worse than someone who doesn’t understand what he possesses.

We live our lives lacking the in dept of our true abilities,  we live our

based on what people before us passed to us and every time we try to fit in to what we call Norm deep inside us frustration sets in but we are too weak to stand alone and live our dreams.

We we’re told their a rules guiding the game of life and their is a speed limit and how far one could go.

They told us not to dare do things differently cos we might receive a different outcome, fear is what we’ve learnt from generations before us.

We need to rewire our manipulated minds and unlearn what we we’re taught,  until then, we are not living our lives rather we are living for them.

The time is here, you are born to discover grounds and explore the Earth, birthed for greatness the world is yet to see.

You are unique and posses distinct abilities, you have a place set aside for you from the beginning of Times, so stop following the crowds.

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