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This is no poem, but a vacuum of sorrow in my heart.

Gone are those days when I was a lot younger,

As a kid I was encouraged to dream, they told me my dream is a mirror for my future.

And so I dreamt of a great nation, a country free and fair to citizens,

A nation free from corruption and all form of commotion.

But as I grow older, it seem my dream has no place in Nigeria.

The rate of corruption in the heart of the nation has brought this nation to state of dilapidation. But I did not lose hope in my dream for my nation.

I have a dream that one day Every valley shall be exalted Every will and mountain shall be made to low The rough places will be made plain And the crooked places will be made straight

This is my hope, we will be able to hew out of the Mountain of despair, a stone of hope.

With this faith we will be able to transform of our nation Into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood With this faith We will be able to work

together to pray together To struggle together To go to jail together knowing that we will be freed one day, with this faith we will be able to put an end to religion violence, bad administration.

Put an end to corruption, poverty, unemployment and unanimously eliminate all the hungry politicians who are the main enemies of progress in Nigeria with this faith we will be able to have a true Federation

where people from the North could be peacefully working and residing in South where people from South could be free from the fear of ethnic clash while in North where Nigerians will see themselves as one

with this faith I am sure, with gradual process Nigerians shall all come together once again and celebrate a free nation. I believe in this, this is my hope.

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