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Grace: Another Opportunity

During the early days of the civil war a Union soldier was arrested on charges of desertion.  Unable to prove  his innocence, he was condemned and sentenced to die a deserter’s death.

His appeal found its way to the desk of Abraham Lincoln. The president felt mercy for the soldier and signed a pardon. The soldier returned to service, fought the entirety of the war, and was killed in the last battle. Found within his breast pocket was the signed letter of the president.

Close to this soldier heart we’re his leader’s words of pardon.  He found courage in  Grace.


The story of this you g soldier teaches the act of grace, everyone indeed deserve another chance to be better and that’s what life gives us every single day we rise from the comfort of our beds.

Life’s throws at us another opportunity to live a life full of Grace and love, another opportunity to try smarter what we missed yesterday.

Will you then keep wasting away these beautiful and priceless opportunities?  Will you keep the feeling or regret and the shame of your yesterday?  Will you keep letting the shadows of your past hunt you?

I say,  you will be ungrateful to the giver of Life if you allow yourself to be trapped in the mistakes of your past rather than making effective use  this opportunity you have again.

You can! Yes, you can grasp this opportunity and forego your past, you can live a life full of grace and radiate love to people around you, you can others the reason not to give up, you can be a source of motivation. 


Grace has brought you this far, I know Grace will lead you home
Grace reminds us, it’s not our past or present that defines us rather it’s our will to become better. Yes,  you can!

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